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Graardor #1 RSPS

United States 4
Known as the best ECO/PvM/PvP/OSRS/PRE-EOC server ever made - Active PvP, PvM and Market areas - Lots of Mini-Games - 21+ Bosses - 140+ Achievements - Online 24/7 - Vote Rewards - No Lag

Hero-Scape (

Canada 3
NEW WEBSITE ADRESS! -All skills working! -All miasmic spells -All ancient spells -Donator store -Chrystal bow -Loyalty store -Random events! -Charm drops -Warriors guild -Pest Control -Castle wars -Clan wars -Dueling ..

Post Mortem

United States 2


United Kingdom 1
Real OS Server! #151 OSRS Data. Edgeville OR GE PK - Optional Home! Combat xp commands - Master, Pure, Zerk (Non Ironman Accounts only). Welfare Premade sets for Login & PK (Non Ironman Accounts only). XP lock/unlock - Pure's can keep their st..


United States 0
Simply the most unique and professional RSPS server, we offer: Instant PK | Perfected combat system! | AWESOME economy | PK Tournaments | Perfect PvM | Perfect staking & betting | Unique Bosses & Boss Pets | Perfect Slayer

Hydra - 2011 HD Pking & Eco

France 0
Hydra (also known as Hydrascape) has been around since 2006 and we still have the same developers. Hydra is a 639 Revision server that balances the economy and pking. We feature completionist capes, boss fights, player mailing, god wars, barrows, all worki..


Australia 0
- Gambling - 25 Skills - 20 Bosses - Minigames - Mini Quests - Treasure Island - Nightmare Zone ALOT MORE FEATURES COME CHECK US OUT!


Canada 0
-All skills working! -All miasmic spells -All ancient spells -Donator store -Chrystal bow -Loyalty store -Random events! -Charm drops -Warriors guild -Pest Control -Castle wars -Clan wars -Dueling -One click screenshot -Quests! -Emotes -Ful..

LazyScape (2006 Remake) 24/7 VPS

United States 0
LazyScape 24/7 VPS Online Highscores Most skills Active community Friendly community New server Register an account on our website and begin playing in seconds 2006 Remake Server


United States 0
Coming soon. EdgeScape is a Runescape private server which will launch in early 2018. We will have constant updates and our hard work will speak for itself. Welcoming community around the globe from all nations, Profesional staff and tons of content to kee..
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